are contact lenses right for youContact lenses have been around for a long time, but over the years new technology and materials have improved them significantly. If you’ve been wearing glasses for a while and are thinking of making the switch to contacts or the eye doctor has recently told you that you need glasses and you’re considering contacts, the question becomes – are contact lenses right for me?

To answer this question, we’ve outlined how to determine if contact lenses are right for you.

Contact Lenses: Are They Right For Me?

First of all, most people can wear them without experiencing and complications. The new materials and advanced technology has made contact lenses easier and safer to wear as well as more comfortable.  However, there are some situations where eye patients may not be able to wear contact lenses, which include the following:

  • You suffer from allergies which make your eyes very irritated.
  • You have uncontrolled diabetes, severe arthritis in your hands, or an overactive thyroid.
  • You work in a dusty environment or use chemicals as part of your profession.
  • You have excessive dry eyes.

Your optometrist will want to know about you lifestyle to help determine if contact lenses are right for you.   He may ask such questions as:

  • Do you play sports?  If so, contact lenses may be a better option that glasses that can break or even fog up.
  • Does your work require good peripheral vision?  If so, contacts will benefit you in your job.
  • Are you looking to wear contacts all the time, or just on certain occasions? If so, disposable single use contact lenses may be your best option.
  • How do you feel about wearing glasses when it comes to your appearance? Do you not like the way you look in glasses?  If so, contact lenses are the perfect alternative.
  • Are you comfortable with putting the lens over your eye and removing it? Do you have the ability to do this or is there a medical condition, like severe arthritis, that could prevent you from performing this daily function?

Your eye doctor will also do a thorough eye examination to ultimately determine if contacts are right for you and if so, which options best meet your lifestyle and needs. To learn more about contact lenses and if they are right for you, we encourage you to contact Jewell Eye Inc. at one of our offices in Massachusetts or Rhode Island. To reach our Marlborough office call 508-481-8279. To reach our Worcester office call 508-856-0613, and in Providence we can be reached at 401-243-0685.  Our friendly team of optometrists and support staff will answer all of your questions and book an appointment to have your eyes examined and to talk about your lifestyle and how contacts can fit into that lifestyle.