Contact Lens EvaluationsAs a contact lens wearer, additional test and professional decisions are performed for you that are necessary to insure your contact lenses fit properly and the vison is as clear. Contact lens tests are separate from the routine exam. Professional fees are added for the testing, time for the doctor and staff and the extra follow-up visits and additional lenses ordered.

What Additional Tests Are Needed?
1. Corneal health check with microscope
2. Corneal Topography which measures the curvature of the entire ocular surface.
3. Review of contact lens history.
4. Evaluating the conditions of your lenses.
5. Evaluation of the size of the lens based on the curvature of the eye, and the openings of the eyelids.
6. Vison evaluation through your contact lenses.
7. Fitting evaluation (i.e.: is the lens too tight, too loose, too dry, off center, etc.)
8. Decisions pertaining to follow-up visits and reviewing care regimens.
9. Training/ Re-training of proper lens handling and the review of trends and solution changes

Contact lens-related tests are performed in addition to the testing for your regular eye exam. These are procedures patients who wear contact lenses, not for those who choose glasses as they are optical corrections. Most insurance plans cover a routine eye examination which determines your evaluation of the health of your eyes. Contact lens services are separate procedures that may or not be covered by your insurance. When verifying your insurance our staff will find if contact lens services are covered. If not, we will explain your financial responsibility prior to service.

The cost for the contact lens service is dependent on the complexity of the lenses required (single vision, astigmatism or bifocal) and the service (current versus new wearer) at the time of the visit.